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Colombia Nestor Lasso Hot Thermal Shock Washed Aji B

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    Product Details

    Coffee: Hot Thermal Shock Washed Bourbon Aji B by the producer Nestor Lasso.

    "It's an honor to get to work with this coffee. Nestor Lasso quickly became world-famous in 2022 when his Sidra variety was used to win the World Barista Championship. Now we have the privilege to roast for you his Aji B, an Ethiopian landrace variety that has undergone an anaerobic fermentation and a hot water thermal shock washed process revealing layers of complexity and stunning flavor clarity" / Alexander

    The coffee is grown in Colombia at the farm El Diviso in the region of Huila. The growing altitude for this specific lot is 1750 masl. and the coffee trees are shade grown under native fruit trees.


    • Manual harvesting of ripe cherries
    • Selection of cherries by floats
    • Anaerobic fermentation in a plastic bag for 24-32 hours at a temperature of 16°-17°
    • Pulping in tolba for oxidation for 6 hours
    • Capture of cherry leachate
    • The coffee is fermented with the cerea leachate for 28-32 hours
    • Wash with hot water to remove mucilage (thermal shock)
    • Drying in a canopy for 16-25 days depending on the weather

    Taste description: Jasmine aroma, notes of juniper, raspberry, oolong tea, silky mouthfeel, exceptional acidity and stunning structure.

    Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole beans roasted, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

    Read more about Nestor Lasso and his work here