In Sweden, we're in full bloom and the summer and flowers are all over us.

So, we planned something extra sparkling for our subscribers. The subscription of July will be a coffee with with notes of hibiscus, peach, green apple with an elegant and wonderful structure. Can be more summer than  that! Can you guess what coffee it is?

That's correct, it's the Washed Gesha from El Obraje!

We are so happy and proud to be able to ship this coffee to over 57 countries all around the globe and both me and Alexander want to thank you all for staying with us, sharing and learning together on this ongoing coffee journey.

Every month we get more and more subscribers and it has never been a better time to get on this coffee train. The El Obraje Gesha usually sold for €33+ so to be able to try this coffee for €25 including shipping is just too good to be true.

We will start the production on Monday and ship the coffee ASAP.

-Oskar & Alexander from Standout Coffee