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We have a small but carefully selected range of coffees, but it can still be hard to know what to select. This is why we have created The Standout Box!  A selection of some of the most exciting, exclusive and amazing coffees we have in our current rotation. Roasted and packed on the same day and sent directly home to you. Simple, easy and at a fantastic price.
When Alexander started Standout Coffee back in 2015, his goal was to provide consumers with the freshest, highest quality coffee in the world - what many people call "competitions style" coffee. Some might say that we have achieved that today! But for us the journey of finding the best coffee in the world never stops, we are always searching for that perfect cup. A step for you to come even closer to our daily search for perfect coffee will be to buy The Standout Box where we select some of the best coffees we have in stock right now. The Standout Box is curated specifically for coffee heads who like to explore new and more complex flavor palates. In the first box of the month we include three killer coffees from Panama:
In the first box of the month we include three killer coffees from Panama*

Bamboo Natural Gesha from Graciano Cruz

Iridescence Washed Gesha from Savage Coffee

Lycello Washed Gesha from Ninety Plus

Standout Coffee Box

* If we run out of any coffees we will contact you and change it to an equally good or better!