Bonita Springs


Finca Bonita Springs is located in Alto Lino, Boquete, Panama, only ten minutes from the center of the town of Boquete. It has been owned and operated by the Miró family for over 80 years. The farm consists of 36 hectares of prime coffee-growing land slicing down into the heart of the Boquete valley. Water is its most abundant feature: Two rivers, four streams, five natural springs and two waterfalls flow through and about the land, affecting its soil chemistry and its native flora and fauna.

With the high rainfall and humidity of the valley, cold misty Atlantic winds coming from over the continental divide, as well as warmer Pacific breezes from the southern lowlands, the property possesses a unique range of natural micro- climates.

In 2017, Arturo Miró and Olmedo Miró launched a new business model, converting the existing farm and its traditional harvest-and-sell process into a fully operational specialty coffee farm, complete with its own drying and processing plant. The changes on the farm have been exciting and rewarding to watch.


This is what can be found to date:
• 20+ hectares of high-yield Caturra/Catuai coffee trees are interspersed with ancient orange and lemon trees, enhancing the cup of our coffees with distinctive floral and citrus notes
10 hectares have been replanted with selective specialty varieties to broaden our range of coffee offerings
• First lots of Pacamara, SL-28, Caturra, Laurina, and heirloom (Ethiopian) varieties will be ready for harvesting beginning with the 2019-2020 season
Plantings of additional trees and shrubs are all designed to optimize the needs of the farm by adding shade and nitrogen-fixing trees, adding shrubs for live-fencing, and planting favorites for local birds and other pollinators
• Regrowth of native flora and our fauna sightings illustrate and highlight the result of environmentally friendly agricultural techniques now in use on the property
• Steps towards social welfare and well-being programs are being implemented to improve the quality of life for the indigenous farm workers


Finca Owner: Town / Region: Varietals:

Altitude: Processing: Packaging:

Harvest Time:

Finca Bonita Springs
Familia Miro
Boquete, Chiriquí Catuai/Caturra, Pacamara, SL-28, Laurina

1.250-1.270 mts
Grain Pro and Yute bags, vacuum packed and boxed
January - April

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