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Coffee Capsules Daily Driver Honey Illubador, Gesha Village 10 capsules

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    Product Details

    Coffee: These biodegradable nespresso machine compatible coffee capsules are made by this washed processed Illubador from Gesha Village in Ethiopia.

    Location: Bench Maji, Ethiopia

    Producer & Farm: Overton family at Gesha Village

    Varietal: Honey process Illubador

    These biodegradable nespresso machine-compatible coffee capsules are filled with the wonderful honey processed Illubador variety produced by Adam & Rachel Overton of Gesha Village in Ethiopia and harvested in the spring of 2022.

    Gesha Village was established 10 years ago in Bench Maji Ethiopia close to the South Sudan border. Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton got the seedlings from the Gori Gesha coffee forest that is believed to be the place where Panamanian Gesha seedlings were collected. At Gesha Village, they grow Illubador and also two types of Gesha varieties. The Gesha 1931 which resembles genetically the Panamanian Gesha, and Gori Gesha heirloom which represents the genetic variety of Gori forest.

    Gesha Village is separated into eight different "blocks" - based on micro-climate. The total farm size is 471 hectares. The elevation is btw 18-2100 msl.

    Coffee cherries are hand-picked and sorted, then placed on 30 meter long African raised beds with bed thickness that increases as the days pass. After the 12th or 13th day, the coffee is moved to shade drying. The total drying time depends on the environmental conditions, and for these lots the total number of days was btw 15-30.

    Taste description: Complex cup w/ white florals in the aroma and notes of sweet citrus & milk chocolate with a long and sparkling finish. 

    Always fresh: This item contains 10 biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

    Brewing tips: We recommend using our capsules only for espresso or ristretto shots.

    Machines: The capsule can be used on all recent Nespresso machines. The following machines are incompatible with the capsules: Nespresso Essenza, Nescafé Dolce Gusto,  Tchibo Caffissimo, Nespresso Vertuo, Tassimo, Le Cube.