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Standout Coffee Taste Flight

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    Product Details

    When you order our coffee tasting, you will experience coffees from our range of competition coffees, coffees that are used at the World Barista Championship scene.

    What does the booking include?

    One filter coffee and one espresso that is specifically roasted and brewed for this week's serving from our range of competition coffees. The espresso can be prepared with or without steamed Oatly Barista Edition 3.0.

    After the tasting we have our full range of both specialty, capsules and competition coffees ready for sales at our retail self.
    1 x Filter coffee servings brewed with V60 Double Bloom Recipe
    1 x EK43 espresso brewed on a water PPM of 55 and a brew ratio of 1: 2.3. This can be made with or without Oatly Barista Edition 3.0.

    Book your spot today! Open for bookings every Friday between 11-16 from the 3rd of February 2023.