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Colombia Deiro Garcia Voldemort Washed Ethiopia

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    Product Details

    Coffee: This is a fascinating (both story and taste profile) coffee from the high mountains of Colombia in the Huila region. A coffee produced by Deiro Garcia. Deiro is a huge Harry Potter fan. The coffee is an Ethiopia variety that has undergone a barrel leachate fermented and washed process.

    Story: Deiro Garcia, a forward-thinking coffee grower in Huila, has a farm located in Pitalito. As a devoted Harry Potter fan, he named his farm Lord Voldemort - a name that is sure to catch anyone's attention. Deiro has a unique approach to coffee fermentation, which sets him apart from other growers in the region.

    Deiro has been involved in coffee processing for over three years and has conducted several experiments with remarkable results. He has established a standard processing method for the coffee on his farm. During a microbiology course, he learned that specific strains of bacteria and yeast can contribute to producing unique coffee flavor profiles. This inspired Deiro to create his own bacteria and yeast strains using homemade ferments from various fruits and vegetables.

    Ripe cherries are harvested and proceed to balsear to leave in barrels for at least 48 hours or until the cherry loses its natural color, it goes from red to golden color. It proceeds to pulp and ferment in the same baskets with the leachates from the last cherry fermentation, to finish the fermentation with a pH of 3.8. and then wash it and take it to traditional dryers for 15 days.

    Taste description: Orange blossom aroma with notes of rose hip, caramel and an elegant Earl Grey tea finish.