Thageini Natural Carbonic Maceration
Thageini Natural Carbonic Maceration

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Thageini Natural Carbonic Maceration

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Coffee: This box contains fresh roasted carbonic maceration natural SL28/SL34 grown at 1800msl from the Thageini wet mill in Nyeri, Kenya.

Process/Variety: CM natural SL28/SL34

Taste description: Red florals and berries aromatics, sparkling acidity and breathtaking structure. Flavours of red current, blackberry, red apple, nectarine and tropical fruits. 

Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole beans roasted for filter, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

Story: This is a truly mind-blowing experience! For the last few years, I have been looking for an exceptional Kenyan coffee like this. It is first a wonderful expression of what we expect from a SL28/34 from Nyeri in Kenya, but on top of this, I get truly excited over what the Carbonic Maceration process contributes to this coffee as a whole.
First we experience the amazing high quality acidity and vibrant red current notes. On top of that we experience red florals, tropical fruit notes and a stunning structure!
This coffee makes me excited, not only about this coffee per se, but also about the future of specialty and competition coffee going forward!

Carbonic Maceration: A CM-processed coffee means that the coffee cherries are placed in temperature and humidity controlled tanks flushed with Carbon Dioxide to remove oxygen from the tank. After fermentation, the coffee is dried on African beds for 12-35 days before resting until it's time for milling.