The Eugenioides party continues - Standout Coffee

The Eugenioides party continues

This time, Håkan had the chance to swing by our roastery to have his first-ever sip of the eugenioides from @inmaculadacoffeefarms.

I've been in the coffee business for over 15 years now and must admit that I've never seen a barista so excited, nervous and hyped for a cup of coffee.

How did it taste?

-Absolutely bonkers, It's a taste that we never had before, like putting sweetener into the cup, a strange stevia taste that unique to the taste pallet of coffee. I can see how this totally broke the scoresheet. - Oskar

The eugenioides that was used to win both the WBC by @diegocampos_27 and the WBrC by @matt_winton this past year, Inmaculada Coffee Farms is one of the most progressive coffee producers, and they sent us both the eugenioides to try.

This coffee checks all the boxes to score highly, given how the scoresheets are constructed today.

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