Winners of Best Roaster - Public Choice Awards at The Nordic Coffee Fest 2024 - Standout Coffee

Winners of Best Roaster - Public Choice Awards at The Nordic Coffee Fest 2024

We are so humble, happy and proud to win Best Roaster - Public Choice Awards at The Nordic Coffee Fest 2024

What is the Public Choice Awards?
At the Nordic Coffee Fest, for the time, the public, attendees of the festival will be able to draw back the curtains of the competition coffees sent in by all roasteries and vote blindly to find the winner of the Public Choice Award. During Nordic Coffee Fest, attendees will get the chance to sample all the coffees side by side and cast a vote for their favorite cup.
We are so happy to win the people's choice
To be able to stand out among all the astonishing coffee roasters and competitions is everything we could dream of and truly what Standout Coffee is all about, to win competitions.
The wonderful coffee we roasted was an amazingly floral and candy-like washed pink bourbon produced by the amazing producer Mr Diego Samuel Bermudez @diegosamuel.bermudeztapia
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Standout Coffee wins public choice awards at Nordic Coffee Fest


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