The roundest of them all - Standout Coffee

The roundest of them all

Colombia Washed Peaberry

Together with the producers at El Diviso and Las Flores in the department of Huila, Catalina and Pierre of Cata Export in Colombia have made a selection of Caturra Peaberry and Red Bourbon Peaberry to create this coffee. 

This selection of Peaberry is from mesh size 13 & 14. These are unusually small and therefore unusually intense in their sensory characteristics, giving us a refined and wonderfully structured and clean cup. 


Taste description

Complex florals, bright notes of delicate yellow fruits, wonderful structure and amazing aftertaste of red currant and peach.


Pierre and Catalina at Cata Export are helping us source and export some wonderful coffees from Colombia this harvest, and we couldn’t be happier with this new relationship. This beauty fits our range of specialty coffees perfect and will be shipped in our new 250 gram bags, roasted perfect for both an exciting batch brew and an edgy espresso.

Image of Colombia Washed Peaberry

Colombia Washed Peaberry


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