Agnieszka Rojewska = World Champion (and we roasted the coffee) - Standout Coffee

Agnieszka Rojewska = World Champion (and we roasted the coffee)

We are so happy and proud to announce that we roasted the Sudan Rume and Pacamara XO that Agnieszka used to become World Champion in Milan last week.

We keep telling everyone how 99.99% of all the credit is obviously due to Agnieszka and Camilo with the Café Granja la Esperanza team in Colombia - but that we modestly are humbly happy to take that last 0.01% of praise.
For a few competition seasons, we have been roasting numerous coffees for Agnieszka, and we love our relationship with her. Together, we have a great understanding for choosing coffees, how they should taste, if they should be roasted to fit the brewing method or just to taste spectacular as a pour over.

World Coffee in Good Spirits Champions

For the World of Coffee in Milan a few weeks ago we had roasted the Mokka that Agnieszka used so wonderfully in the World Ibryk Competition and of course the spectacular Sudan Rume and Pacamara X.O. process that she used so successfully to win the World Coffee in Good Spirits championship.

This is truly special 😍

Previously, we have sourced and roasted coffee that have been used to reach the finals at the World Brewers Cup. But this time….. is of course something special. 
Hugs and huge congratulations again to Aga and of course to the whole team at CGLE for this effort.

If you want to try the same coffees that Agnieszka won the championship with we still have both Sudan Rume and Pacamara XO available.