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We are constantly moving forward trying to make the most of our coffee to give you as a subscriber, team member or ambassador the best possible experience when it comes to our coffee.

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Quality Control - QC work is equally important as it is fun and tasty

Every week we taste all the various batches of coffee that we roasted the week before. We make sure to taste them on the cupping table, hand brewed (usually using a Hario V60) and also usually as espresso ☕️   This all might sound a bit much - but the truth is that it all comes in a natural and organic way. Obviously we are brewing coffee for ourselves and guests on a daily basis. Oskar is prone to making a couple of single espresso shots for us in the afternoon while Alexander tends to brew 2-3 coffees as V60s at a time in the morning 🤩   So in reality we taste everything a few times per week just...

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