What is competition coffee?

We see Standout Coffee as a company that specializes in sourcing and roasting some of the most exclusive and high-quality coffees in the world.

We are dedicated to finding the best and most limited micro lots, rare coffee varieties, and experimental processing methods to ensure that their customers have access to the same exceptional coffees that are used to win coffee competitions all over the globe, including the prestigious World Barista Championship.

Our portfolio of competition coffees are curated by multiple time Barista Champions, Alexander Ruas and Oskar Garberg. We have a profound understanding of the coffee industry and possess the knowledge and expertise to select the very best coffees from around the world.

Our commitment to providing the global community of coffee lovers with the opportunity to experience the best and most exclusive coffees is evident in the selection of coffees they offer. From micro lots and rare varieties to experimental processing methods, We at Standout Coffee are dedicated to bringing their customers the finest coffees available.

Standout Coffee is not only for coffee aficionado, but also for barista, cafés, and coffee shops who constantly looking for new and unique coffee to add to their menu to attract customers and make their own signature drinks. If you team up with Standout Coffee, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best, and are able to offer your customers the same exceptional coffees that are used to win competitions around the globe.