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Every month, we will send you a selection of some of the most highly regarded and sought-after coffee from renowned producers and farmers around the globe. These coffees will be limited micro lots, featuring rare varieties and innovative processing techniques. You will have the opportunity to try the same coffees that have won national competitions and even the World Barista and World Brewers Cup championships!

At our company, we take pride in sourcing and delivering the finest quality coffee from around the world. Every month, we will send you a curated selection of the most highly regarded and sought-after coffees from renowned producers and farmers. These coffees will be exclusive micro lots, featuring rare and unique varieties and innovative processing methods. By subscribing to our service, you will have the opportunity to try coffees that have been used to win national championships and even the prestigious World Barista, Coffee and Good spirits and World Brewers Cup championships.

These rare micro lots are highly prized and usually difficult to come by, as they are produced in very limited quantities. These coffees are grown in small farms and are hand-picked and processed with meticulous care, thus resulting in a superior quality and flavor. Our selection will change every month so that you can experience the diversity of the coffee flavors, origins, and processing methods.

Furthermore, as a subscriber, you will also have access to detailed information about the coffee you are receiving, including the origin, varietal, processing method, and tasting notes. This information will help you to appreciate and understand the nuances of the coffee, and to taste the unique characteristics of the different regions and varieties.

Sign up for our coffee subscription service and experience the world of specialty coffee like never before. Each month, you will have a chance to discover new flavors, origins and techniques, and you'll be among the first to try rare micro lots and competition-winning coffees.

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