How to brew



The Double Bloom V60 Recipe

15 g coffee/250 g water

0:00-0:10 | 50 grams

0:30-0:40 | 50 grams

1:00-1:10 | 150 grams

Brew time for this recipe should be between 2:40 3:00.

Regarding extraction, this recipe results in a TDS value of 1,32 ≈ 20,5 % extraction.


Veronica's AeroPress Recipe

  • Prepare Inverted recipe
  • 97c water
  • 15gr coffee
  • 250gr of water
  • Grind size 16 click on Comandante
  • Rinsed Double filter

Step 1. 50gr bloom

Step 2. Stir NSEW x2

Step 3. After 30sec pour rest of h2o to 250gr

Step 4. Put on filter holder w/ 2 paper filters

Step 5. Flip/Invert

Step 6. After 1.30m, start your 30sec plunge


Serve & enjoy 😊

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