First fresh crop from Ethiopia to hit the roastery - Standout Coffee

First fresh crop from Ethiopia to hit the roastery

Fresh crop Ethiopian coffees always has a secure spot in our lineup of coffees, both in competition and specialty range.

We just got our hands on both specialty and competition lots, for now, let's focus on the new specialty coffee. It comes from a producer named Esayas Beriso and the coffee has everything we look for in a high-end specialty coffee lot.
In the cup you will find a wonderfully complex and clean coffee, it’s an 18-hour anaerobic fermented and then natural process Dega & Wolisho variety field blend grown at the remarkable altitude of 2000-2350msl grown in Buku Sayisa village in Hambela Wamena in Guji, Ethiopia.
This coffee easily scores 88,5p and has amazing clarity, crisp bright fruit with layers of florals and notes of raspberry, lemonade, melon and a great juicy body.
The coffee comes into our new 250 grams of coffee, perfect for both an exciting batch brew and an edgy espresso.

About Baku Sayisa

Buku is one of the highest elevation coffee growing regions in Ethiopia, creating optimal conditions for supreme cup quality. The farms are scattered throughout the highlands at 2,350 masl. Esayas Beriso began his career working in a government office in Dimtu. During this time, he and his brothers began a small operation of collecting farmers coffee cherries from the surrounding area and selling them to local wet mills. As this operation grew, Esayas planted his own coffee trees.
In 2009 he left his government job to become a full time coffee business owner. It is now a family operation, with his wife Meskerem managing the harvesting operations of their personal farm as well as buying cherry from neighboring farms.
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