Our story - Standout Coffee

Our story

”Our focus is to source and roast the types of coffee that are used in Barista or Brewers Cup competitions. The goal is to make @standoutcoffee the number one location for competition coffee - green or roasted: made available to everyone in simple to use 100gr bags”

As someone who has competed quite a few times I always wanted to know ”what does the coffee that was used to win the World Championship taste like”. So we decided to focus our business on this!

Every year all the high end farms around the world host auctions to sell their high end coffee. At Standout Coffee we will buy and provide you with coffee from the absolute best coffee farms in the world, farms like @cafegranjalaesperanza@ninetypluscoffee@graciano.cruz and @geshavillage in Ethiopia. Some of these coffee lots are less than 10kg in total and are therefore extremely rare and unique.

When you buy a coffee from Standout Coffee we will roast your selected coffee on demand to maintain maximum freshness.