Brazil Inácio Soares Natural Catuai


This Brazilian coffee is exceptionally crisp and delicate, with a great structure that makes it ideal for both filter and espresso brewing. Grown at 900 meters above sea level, it is a Catuai variety and has undergone a traditional natural processing method that adds an extra layer of sweetness and complexity to the flavor.

The producer Inácio Soares is involved in a great project called Project JS. This project is fascinating as it embraces social, environmental, and economical sustainability help.

FARM:  Jair Soares

REGION:  São Sebastiao do Anta (Minas Gerais)

Coffee: Natural Catuaí

Altitude: 900m altitude



A very complex and well-structured cup with notes of chocolate sweetness, balanced by the tangy, fruity notes of red berries, and finished with a clean and refreshing acidity.



250 grams of whole coffee beans roasted perfect for an exciting filter or edgy espresso.



Project JS is organized by Inácio Soares. This project is super interesting as embraces social, environmental, and economical sustainability help. Inácio helps producers from all the regions of São Sebastiao do Anta. He assists those producers by teaching how to work with specialty coffee, providing classes, and consulting for free. The water of the region is also taken care of by Project JS. Producers from the US are making a documentary about coffee and Inácio will be one of the stars of it, which will maybe go to Netflix

JS stands for Jair Soares (name of Inácio´s father). Inácio is the head of the Project JS and Farm JS. In the region you have a lot of different coffees. The producers there are well known for the anaerobic fermentation coffees (this one you have right now is a natural one, but with just a little fermentation that Inácio did to make sure all the beans are the exact same in quality and taste, and also for an individual taste).

”My father lived on this farm for almost 50 years. He was really passionate about coffee and this land was his life. Last year he passed away and I left Belo Horizonte, where I lived for 20 years, and came back to his farm. Today I am here to take care of this place and fulfill my father's dream. But the most incredible thing is that it became my dream too.” Inácio is one of the most lovely people we have met here. It is impossible to visit JS farm and not feel at home. After the death of his father, he became responsible for the farm and he was determined to change the way the region was seen in relation to coffee. So, he started investing in specialty coffees. Inácio started his journey, traveling to several places in Brazil and learning from the best coffee producers. Today, Inácio is showing the world how incredible the coffees from São Sebastião do Anta can be. Besides great coffee, Inácio is very concerned with producing coffee with sustainability. The JS farm has social projects that aim to recuperate springs and they also have an incredible work promoting courses for young people (entrepreneurship classes, coffee farming and coffee tasting classes, and many others). Every time Inácio receives an award, he always says that "special coffee is not made alone. He recognizes and continually shows his gratitude to all the employees of the farm, he considers them part of the family.”

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