Brazil Casa Almeida Barreto 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai Vermelho

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Roast Style and Weight

    Amount of coffee

    The Jar: Contains 250 grams of fresh roasted specialty coffee beans.

    The Box: Contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole competition style beans beans.

    The Big Bag: Contains 1000 grams of fresh roasted specialty coffee beans.

    The Capsule box: Contains 10 biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.


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    How to brew

    The Double Bloom | 15 g coffee/250 g water

    ⏱ 0:00-0:10 | 50 grams
    ⏱ 0:30-0:40 | 50 grams
    ⏱ 1:00-1:10 | 150 grams

    Brew time for this recipe should be between 2:40-3:00!

    Regarding extraction, this recipe results in a TDS value of 1,35 ≈ 20,5 % extraction.

    Download our FREE V60 brew guide, The Double Bloom Recipe here: PDF or ePUB

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    Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee Brazil 72h CM Natural Yeast Fermented Catuai - Standout Coffee

    Product Details

    Welcome to Casa Almeida Barreto - where the craft of winemaking link up with the process of growing coffee


    Meet the Maker: At the heart of this sensory journey is Fazenda Araucária, nestled in Albertina, South of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Embrace the passion and commitment of Gabriel Barreto, the mastermind behind this exceptional coffee. As he completes his oenology masters, his dual dedication extends to crafting not only extraordinary coffee but also the finest wines in Brazil.

    Taste Description: This coffee is complex and an intense red berry explosion with notes of milk chocolate, plum, high-quality acidity, a silky mouthfeel with a lingering toffee like aftertaste.

    "One fun fact, this farm also grows grapes for making wine. The Farm is run by Gabriel Barreto, who is finishing his oenology masters with the aim of also making the best wines in Brazil"

    Origin: This coffee experience starts with beans cultivated on Fazenda Araucária at an impressive altitude of 1200-1300 masl. This Brazilian gem benefits from a subtropical mountain climate, creating the perfect conditions for the maturation of coffee beans. The harvest season, from June to September, witnesses warm and sunny days paired with cool nights, allowing the beans to develop a rich flavor profile with a unique character.

    Amount: Our specialty coffee range comes in 250-gram jars or 1 kg bags of whole beans roasted for filter or slightly edgy espresso, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness. These coffees hit the sweet spot between specialty coffee and competition-style coffee, with a taste profile that is both exciting and unique.

    Story: The most ripe cherries, right after picked, are first washed to remove any impurities or dirt, and directly inserted into a stainless-steel tank that is usually used for winemaking. The tank is sealed, and with a controlled temperature around 18ºC, we stimulate the coffee's natural yeasts to ferment. Through a pressure valve, we control how much carbonic gas is being produced, and we let the coffees ferment at maximum carbonic pressure for 72 hours. After the fermentation, the coffees are pre-dried on the patios under the sun for 5 days, and finish drying in mechanical dryers for 24 hours at 30ºC.

    Fazenda Araucária is located in Albertina, in the South of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The farm is at 1200-1300 masl, which is a quite elevated altitude for Brazilian farms. Such high altitude and subtropical mountain climate contribute to the perfect maturation of coffee beans. During the harvest period (June to September), there is almost no rain. The days are warm and sunny, and the nights are cold, with an average 15 Celsius degrees' temperature range. 

    Such wide thermal amplitude allows the plants to fully photosynthesize and produce their sugars during the day, while lowering their metabolism to allow the sugars and acids to properly mature and combine at night, creating a flavorful fruit.