Henry Bonilla Colombia Double Fermented Washed Gesha - Colombia

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Roast Style and Weight
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Amount of coffee

The Jar: Contains 250 grams of fresh roasted specialty coffee beans.

The Box: Contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole competition style beans beans.

The Big Bag: Contains 1000 grams of fresh roasted specialty coffee beans.

The Capsule box: Contains 10 biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.


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How to brew

The Double Bloom | 15 g coffee/250 g water

⏱ 0:00-0:10 | 50 grams
⏱ 0:30-0:40 | 50 grams
⏱ 1:00-1:10 | 150 grams

Brew time for this recipe should be between 2:40-3:00!

Regarding extraction, this recipe results in a TDS value of 1,35 ≈ 20,5 % extraction.

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Henry Bonilla Colombia Double Fermented Washed Gesha - Colombia - Standout Coffee Henry Bonilla Colombia Double Fermented Washed Gesha - Colombia - Standout Coffee

Product Details

Introducing the Henry Bonilla Colombia Double Fermented Washed Gesha, a truly exceptional coffee that really showcases the dedication and innovation of Henry Bonilla as a producer.

Sourced from the up-and-coming El Arrayan farm in the Municipio El Pital, Vereda Las Mercedes region of Colombia, this coffee showcases so much that we at Standout Coffee looks for when buying and roasting competition style coffees.


Taste Description: A delightful aroma of red and white florals, complemented by notes of black currants and sweet pomegranate lemonade. Its sparkling flavor profile culminates in a long, lingering finish reminiscent of black tea and jasmine.

Origin:  Colombia

Farm:  El Arrayan

Region:  Municipio El Pital,Vereda Las Mercedes

Altitude: 1700

Harvest: September 2023

Shade:  Native Trees

Story: Henry Bonilla acquired the El Arrayan farm from the moment of his father's death. From a very young age, Henry was involved in all the work related to coffee on the farm, for this reason, it was easy to take the reins of the farm; however, he wanted to go further by implementing technology in all processes and taking the risk of cultivating other varieties such as the Geisha

Fermentation + Process: Harvested manually at peak ripeness, the cherries undergo a meticulous double fermentation process lasting 24 hours, followed by 32 hours of cherry pulping. The beans are then meticulously dried under the sun in marquesinas for approximately 15 days, with regular stirring to ensure optimal flavor development.

  • Manual harvesting of ripe cherry.
  • Double fermentation is carried out on ripe cherry for 24 hours.
  • Cherry pulping is carried out for 32 hours.
  • Drying is solar in marquesinas with a duration of approximately 15 days, it is stirred 3 - 4 times a day.

Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole beans roasted, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

Find Henry Bonilla on instagram: www.instagram.com/henrybonilla77