Exclusive December Subscription Release: Finca Agua Tibia Gesha Micro-Lot - Standout Coffee

Exclusive December Subscription Release: Finca Agua Tibia Gesha Micro-Lot

Hope you all had a blast during Black Friday and are ready for your next coffee adventure. At Standout Coffee, we're thrilled to showcase and release extraordinary coffees to our subscribers and followers, and this time there is no exception —a limited-edition Gesha micro-lot from the renowned Finca Agua Tibia in the heart of Guatemala is exclusively going out to our competition subscribers.


🌱 Origin: Finca Agua Tibia, Guatemala 🇬🇹

Nestled just outside Guatemala City, in the Fraijanes Plateau, Finca Agua Tibia is where this exceptional Gesha micro-lot has grown, ripe and developed. The unique terroir of the region, combined with meticulous cultivation practices, has given rise to a coffee that truly stands out 🤤.


🌈 Tasting Notes:

This Gesha micro-lot has a complex, juicy body and wonderful florals. Green apple, apricot and honey, with lingering jasmine.



Coffee is delivered to the wet mill (located on the farm) in the afternoon each day during the peak of the harvest season. Once there, it is pulped and delivered to tanks for fermentation. After around 48 hours, the coffee is washed using clean water and then delivered for drying on the farm’s patios. The parchment is thinly spread and regularly raked over the course of 14 days so as to ensure slow even drying.


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🇬🇹 COUNTRY: Guatemala


⛰️ ELEVATION: 1,800 masl

🍈 VARIETY: Gesha


🧑‍🌾 FARM MANAGER: Erick de la Roca

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 FARM OWNER: Castillo Family

🚜 HARVEST: March 2023


🔐 Exclusive Release for Competition Subscribers:

We constantly look for coffees that could give that extra gold sparkle to our subscriptions and this is no exception, we're making this Gesha micro-lot exclusively available to our competition subscribers.


📆 Shipping at the beginning of December

All orders over the weekend will be processed, roasted and shipped at the beginning of next week. So make sure to sign up now to get your first hands on this bad boy.


🛒 How to Get Yours:

Visit our website and sign up to our competition subscription. The Gesha micro-lot will be exclusively released to our subscribers to make sure to sign up, unpause or resume your existing subscriptions.



Thank you for being a part of the Standout Coffee community. Your passion fuels our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the coffee world.

Cheers, to roasting dreams and sipping excellence!

Warmest Regards,

Oskar Garberg and Alexander Ruas

Co-Owners, Standout Coffee


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