Going into 2021 - Standout Coffee

Going into 2021

Even though the pandemic is far far from over we all feel that there is an end to this and we are finally seeing the light in the tunnel.

When it comes to our business and being a small high end coffee roastery we look 👀 bright on the future. We have so many exciting and mind blowing coffees on the way and many great producers all around the globe 🌎 seem to find that a specialty coffee pays of if you do it good. New processing techniques, perfection within drying, new varieties and expanding gesha plantations 🌱 makes us happy coffee roasters. This year we’re also looking forward to being back new and fresh harvest of coffees that where so widely enjoyed and loved all around the globe. Coffees like Sudan Rume, Sidra and Cerro Azul just to name a few.



What we only can hope for is that the completion scene getting back on track and we can crown 👑 new champions in countries around the world. We will expand our stock of great coffees so all baristas out there will be able to compete on coffees from Standout. If your interested just give us a DM and we will hook you up whit a great competition deal.


What are you looking forward in 2021 and what coffee do you want to se us bring back in stock?


Give us your thought in the comments below 📝⤵️