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I am a lucky owner of one of the best espresso machines in the world and I sometimes get questions about how I brew espresso. First I want to make clear that I until yesterday never spayed my espresso beans with water, but after I saw James Hoffman’s latest video I'll definitely give it a try! If you haven't seen the video it gives you a great lifehack to reduce the amount of static espresso that fly around and sticks on your grinder. I'll put a link to it below.

So back to the brewing

I always weigh my coffee before and during my extractions to make sure that I follow my preferred brewing recipe and be able to change the flavor of it for the next brew. I dose 19 grams and aim for a 40 gram extraction that usually takes around 25-30 seconds. Furthermore, I think this is a good guideline for a well extracted espresso. If I then experience the coffee in usually a little to tight way I set the grinder slightly courser and get the same amount of coffee and aim for an extraction of 20 seconds. By some reason the second espresso always tastes the best!
Espresso: Reserve Espresso from ONA Coffee (incredible good Kenya)
Amount in: 19 grams
Amount out: 40 grams
Ratio: 1:2,1
Brew time: 25 seconds.

Machine: La Marzocco Mini
Grinder: EK43s
Scale: Acaia Lunar
Tamper: Block Party from Saint Anthony's
Cups: La Marzocco
Water: Swedish tap water.

Spray: Yes
Stir: Yes, 4-5 times.
Sips: Always two sips.

How do you brew your espresso? Please send us your profiles, so we can try them out!

Chat soon!

Oskar from Standout