Another knockout from the Slurp Rare Team - Standout Coffee

Another knockout from the Slurp Rare Team

We are super thrilled to part of the amazing Slurp Rare project

Every month we roast a new coffee and send it to happy subscribers around the world. Last subscription coffee was a symbiosis Gesha from Finca Deborah. The coffee itself don't need much introduction in the specialty coffee world. Finca Deborah is the most awarded farm in World Barista Championship history and their coffee has won WBC 2016 in Dublin and just last year, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos placed 2nd with their Echo coffee in Boston WBC.

A subscriber of Slurp and a fellow specialty coffee brewer Peety Lee just wrote an amazing review and brew guide of this coffee. So brew a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this reading.


The @slurp_japan @slurp_gb @slurp_germany @slurpkahvi Rare No 12: an extended anaerobic natural gesha from iconic producer, Jamison Savage of @finca_deborah @savagecoffees and sourced by @jarnoperakyla and roasted by @alexanderruas @standoutcoffee.

Another knockout from the Slurp Rare Team. The anaerobic processing was very evident in this coffee from intensity of aroma to body and flavor profile. The body was delicate and refined with superb mouth feel that was pillowy and almost creamy. The acidity was bright and juicy with lots of tropical notes and flavors of fresh pineapple and strawberries that reminded me of a daiquiri. A very floral coffee with great clarity, cleanliness, and the sweetness of crystalline sugar. Always a privilege to enjoy coffees from Jamison Savage 🍍🍓🍹🌹

⚖️: 20g coffee + 300g water = 15:1
🚰: 81ppm @peak_water
🌡️: 211f declining
⏱️: 2'40
☕: @cafec_japan Flower
◻️: @awcafec Abaca
🧰: None
🔩: @fellowproducts Ode + @ssp_grinding
Silver Knight Brew Burr - setting 8+0

🌸 0'00 bloom with 55g
2️⃣ 0'45 add 105g (circle/center)
3️⃣ 1'20 add 140g (center)

📝 I've been enjoying the results of simplifying pouring structure with a single or double pour after the bloom. I started with a Kubomi bed prep with gentle pouring on the bloom and a spin of the brewer to fully saturate the grounds for extraction. The second pour was a circle pour to saturate and submerge all grounds and back to center. Last pour was a center pour with a spin of the brewer to finish.

🐝 "Brew Better, Bake Better, Be Better"


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