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What do I look for in a cup of coffee?

I’ve been working in and around the specialty coffee scene since 2008 and I will definitely stay, I love the business, the culture and people around the coffee scene. What drives me, what do I search for? To put it simple, the perfect cup of coffee.

So what’s a perfect cup of coffee? Is it only the perfect taste? Not really, for me the perfect cup is a combination of the taste balance (flavors, acidity and tactile) and my expectations. This is a hard combination to come around, even tho I nowadays throughout my work at Standout are spoiled with amazing coffees.

For me the value in a cup is a 50/50 mix of taste and the fulfillment of my expectations of the cup. That’s one big reason I just love Gesha coffees from Panama som much, they more than often fulfill my 50/50 mix of taste and expectations. I just love the taste of Bergamot, jasmine, honey, orange and lime and when I find them in a cup that fulfills the first 50%.

When it comes to expectations it’s based of my life in the coffee industry. For me expectations come from inspiration (farm trips, competitions or another coffee shops for example) and interest. I fell in love (like many others) in gesha coffees from Panama due to exclusiveness, taste and story, that gave me interest in those type of coffees. When I taste something outstanding from Panama I get back some memories, these memories with the live taste palette that’s in my cup is what I search for.

If my cup of coffee can surpass my expectations in taste and fulfill my interest I’m a happy coffee guy. 

Basted in some of this nonsense I’ll will within a couple of days present my top 5 list of coffees this year.


Brew it like it’s hot!

Oskar from team Standout