Luis Marcelino Anaerobic Fermented Natural Process Gesha - Colombia - Standout Coffee

Luis Marcelino Anaerobic Fermented Natural Process Gesha - Colombia

We have used coffees from our friends Luis Marcelino and Aroma Nativo for a couple of years now, and this unique nano-lot took us by storm when we had it on the cupping table for the first time. To be able to find these remarkable gesha coffees with such a unique process is what Standout Coffee is all about.


"This is a coffee that you all need to try out, from freshly brewed, hot, medium and all the way down when it cools down"


Taste Description: Orange blossom aroma with notes of yellow fruits, pomegranate, red apple juice, crisp acidity and a long and complex finish.

Process and Variety: 72h Anaerobic fermented in barrel and natural process gesha with an extended 22-day parabolic drying phase.

Lot size: 30 KG Nano Lot

Story: For the past four years, Aroma Nativo has been forging ties between unknown Colombian coffee farmers and renowned roasters from around the world.

In 2022, Luis Marcelino, founder of Aroma Nativo goes a step further by launching the Veci Project: a collaborative coffee production between coffee producers who have good agronomic practices but who lack of infrastructures, space on the farm to process their coffee and Aroma Nativo that contributes with the knowledge and processing facilities located in the south of Huila and the Department of Quindio.

Geography: Acevedo, San Adolfo, in the eastern cordillera of Colombia, was once a red zone controlled by the M19 and FARC. However, in the last six years, it has become safe to visit this region, which is now recognized as the Specialty Coffee Paradise in Colombia because of its unique microclimate and terroir. It is also famous for being the birthplace of Pink Bourbon.

Region Processed by Altitude: Huila Acevedo, Aroma Nativo - Luis Marcelino 1700msl

Harvest date: 10/06/2023

Variety - lot name: Gesha - lot #3005


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