Finca Nuguo Washed Gesha from Panama - Standout Coffee

Finca Nuguo Washed Gesha from Panama

”This lot is selected as one of the best lots of washed gesha from Finca Nuguo from 2021 on the cupping table by Pocho Gallardo”

The 2021 Finca Nuguo harvest was amazing for Pocho and his team. The annual Best of Panama competition resulted in that Pocho and his gesha variety won BOTH the washed AND the natural process Gesha categories!

We are obviously very proud of being able to roast and share one of the top lots of washed gesha from Pocho and Team Nuguo! In David, Chiriqui the coffee is put in the drying room first at 30c until the coffee is at 16% water content and then dried at 24c until the coffee is at 11% water content.

Since seeing in awe how both inspiring @lembutler and epic @kyle_rampageand also now in October in Milan, totally awesome @emifukahori brew the remarkable Finca Nuguo gesha all the way to the finals of the World Barista Championship obviously defines this mind-blowing coffee as a Competition Coffee.




Jose Gallardo (Pocho) has a BA, Masters, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, and has used his education, and experience to experiment in processing, and drying. Which has helped to cement him as one of the best coffee producers in the world.

"Cold wind and rain that come from the Atlantic through the mountains dividing Panama play an important role in the taste of the coffee from Nuguo" - Pocho

The coffee is a Green and bronze tip gesha. After harvested at red/purple level of ripeness, the coffee is pulped and then put in a 40 hour / 16c wooden box fermentation. After this, the coffee undergoes a washed process. Finca Nuguo, is situated between 1.750 and 1.950 masl around Jurutungo, Renacimiento, in the province of Chiriqui, nestled between a natural rainforest reserve on the one side and the border of Costa Rica on the other side.

Since 1960, the Gallardo family farms only produced Caturra and Catuai coffee varieties at lower elevations, until 10 years ago, Mr. José Manuel Gallardo Araúz saw the potential of NUGUO and started growing Gesha variety coffee plants.


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