We are more excited about this competition coffee release than we have been in a while

We’ve had some fantastic coffees come through the roastery, but this one is special.  Some of you know this (we don’t talk about it that much) but we have a wonderful relationship with supportive, generous and funny Agnieszka Rojewska.

Agnieszka (@agarojewska) has opened the secret door to the stash of the best of the best of competition coffee from @projectorigincoffee for us, and we are beyond excited to share this Ethiopian gem with you. This coffee in its most basic form is a remarkable Ethiopian coffee. Then we add the Carbonic Maceration fermentation executed with perfection, and we get an even more exciting expression of what this terroir, variety and process can deliver.

Typically, the Diamond profiles are made using Carbonic Maceration Washed techniques, but this particular lot 1021, was dried as a natural after fermentation. This processing technique has given this lot 1021 amazing notes of jasmine, white peach, nectarine, pomegranate, white sugar!

Versions of this coffee is what has been used by competitors very successfully at the WBC and of course to extreme success by Aga in 2018

Who's Agnieszka?

Agnieszka Rojewska hardly needs any introduction. Three-time Polish Barista Champion and four-time Polish Latte Art Champion, she became the first female to win the World Barista Championship in 2018 in Amsterdam. Here you can read a great article that did with Agnieszka in June 2021.


We aim to roast and ship all January subscriptions on the first days of January.

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