Finca Santa Theresa | Batista Natural | Standout Coffee

"Alexander and I visited Finca Santa Teresa back in 2014 at the invitation of co-owner Toby (of Toby’s Estate Coffee at the time)"

We were amazed by the diversity, super high quality and spectacular tasting coffee. The following year I used the natural processed gesha for competition. This year we are soooooo happy to have cupped through the fresh crop and selected our favorite micro lot. The Batista lot is spectacular!

"Fresh tropical fruit juice is the best way to describe it"

The coffee is picked at its maximum ripeness and in hours put on raised beds. The cherry is turned every few hours for even drying. This drying takes 4-6 weeks. The drying is then finished in the mechanical oven dryer to achieve fully uniform beauty of flavors!

Finca Santa Teresa is located at 1500-1900msl in the Santa Clara region of Panama by the Baru Volcano near the border to Costa Rica and the terroir - rich volcanic soils, high altitude, weather systems driven by the Pacific and Atlantic and a series of ridges and valleys gives an amazingly complex coffee!

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