About us 2022 - Standout Coffee

About us 2022

Standout Coffee specializes in sourcing and roasting the most exclusive coffees in the world

Our portfolio of coffees is curated by multiple time Barista Champions @alexanderruas and @oskargarberg who select the most limited micro lots, rare coffee varieties and experimental processing methods giving their global community of coffee lovers the chance to experience the coffees used to win coffee competitions all over the globe and even the World Barista Championship.

Every month, we ship out coffees to our subscribers in (at our last count) 57 countries. Literally - all over the world. These Competition style coffees will alter your perception of what amazing coffee can be.

So, that’s the Competition category. Now for our Specialty Coffee range.

We are - and always will be - super focused on our 100gr competition coffee offerings. We totally love finding exciting coffee that fits this format and style. At the same time, we are always finding really really really amazing coffees that for one or another reason don’t fit the ”Competition” criteria.

Also - we keep getting requests from both our wholesale clients and home users for coffee that are great for espresso and also batch brew.

This means that we have been putting a lot of energy on our Specialty Coffee category. These come in 250gr bags. We are super proud of our new packaging with see-through sides. These coffees are perfect for the espresso grinder or batch brew. Really, really amazing - but also priced at an approachable rate.

Our aim is of course for our wholesale partners to serve our competition coffees as pour-over and sell the 100gr boxes and the 250gr bags from the retail shelf.

That's us, welcome to Standout Coffee