Coffee tastings | Now open for bookings - Standout Coffee

Coffee tastings | Now open for bookings

A unique opportunity to try the world's most expensive coffee. We at Standout Coffee work with what is called Competition Coffee. These are the coffee beans that you see in the finals of the Coffee World Cup, Barista Cup and Brewers Cup.

When you come to our roastery, you will get to taste a selection of these coffee beans, but above all you will get to try Ruby from Ninety Plus, which over the years has won the World Cup as the world's tastiest cup. Demand is enormous and production is minimal, which results in a final price this year of €1300 / kg. This and 3 other coffees will be tried during the evening. We also have an espresso machine on site if someone unexpectedly needs an extra shot before we close up the tasting. But wait there is more..


Coffee, beer and food? Yes please!

If you are interested, we end the tasting with a tour of the beer brewery Stockholm Brewing Co. with which we share space with, try three different beers from them, and then we walk in to the restaurant Santa Salsa, which is also located in the same space.


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