One for now - one for the freezer - Standout Coffee

One for now - one for the freezer

Standout coffee new bag

Everyone is talking about freezing coffee! There are so many benefits!

Most exciting points are:
-You can save the coffee when it is at it’s peak in terms of flavor! Save it for later.
-You will improve the grind consistency as frozen coffee gives us a more unimodal grind particle size = more flavor clarity = more competition like experience.

You can freeze your coffee in many ways. Either you dose some into a new bag and vacuum the air out, put some in a test tube put the whole bag in the freezer.

We have chosen to make life easy for everyone. We now pack every box with two bags.

Standout Coffee bag close

"One for now - one for the freezer"

We pack our bags straight from the roaster’s cooling tray. This coffee is SUPER-FRESH, so when you throw one bag in the freezer, it will be totally awesome when you take it out of the freezer.

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Alexander Ruas from Standout Coffee