It has been described as a Colombian coffee grown in Brazil - Standout Coffee

It has been described as a Colombian coffee grown in Brazil

The pulped natural red catuai by Valdir Mansk at the family farm Alto Santa Joana is very unusual for what we have come to expect from a Brazilian coffee. The farm is only 8 hectares, all the coffee is hand-picked due to the steepness of the mountain the farm is on and the coffee is processed and dried with the utmost level of control. This coffee offers wonderful sweetness and has a great quality acidity. It has been described as a ”Colombian coffee grown in Brazil”.
Taste description
Sweet rose hip aroma with notes of caramel, red currant, high-quality acidity and a finish of orange and brown sugar.


Farm info

Sítio Alto Santa Joana can be found almost halfway between Afonso Claudio and Santa Maria de Jetibá in the Espírito Santo region of Brazil. Producer Valdir Manske was born and raised near the farm, on which his grandfather, Germano Manske, began coffee production. The farm was passed on to Valdir’s father, Theodoro, from whom Valdir learned to take care of the land and administer the farm.

Valdir began investing in production improvements in 2010 and his first quality investment was the acquisition of a small depulper. The coffee grower, of Pomeranian (Geman-Polish) descent, reveals that his secrets for producing quality coffee includes harvesting on only ripe cherries and in monitoring the coffee drying on the patio so that beans do not over ferment.

Coffee grows on 8 hectares of the farm under the shade provided by the cedar trees planted on the property. Farming remains a family business with Valdir’s wife Irinea as well as Valdir’s sons Thiago, Valdinei, and Gilberto sharing in the work. Last year they installed a micro roaster on the property and enthusiastically continue to produce specialty coffee.

This lot of Red Catuai coffee underwent Pulped Natural processing. Catuai was made by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil by crossing Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties. Catuai coffees are cultivated widely across Brazil, and are known for their high productivity potential.


Always fresh

250 grams of coffee, perfect for both an exciting batch brew and an edgy espresso.