Subscription release of October - An absolute banger!

Subscription release of October - An absolute banger!



For the upcoming competition subscription, we have a real banger for you. Thermal Shock 720h Anaerobic Fermentation Natural Process Gesha from Diego Bermudez!

”We have been talking to Diego for over a year now about finding a coffee that would be perfect for Standout Coffee to roast and share with our community. The Thermal Shock 720h anaerobic fermentation natural process gesha is a dream-coffee! That we finally can roast and ship it to all our subscribers all over the world is so exciting!

With the help of Pierre from Cata Export, we were finally able to get one of the most exciting green coffees to us in Stockholm. This coffee has such a deep and long story to tell! Both in the cup, but also from a perspective of innovation in coffee producing!

This coffee won Australian brewers cup and ended up at fourth place at World Brewers Cup in Milan.

The price starts at €25 including shipping, the retail price of this coffee is €37, so this is a crazy good time to sign up for our competition coffee subscription.

Taste description: Lavender florals, Strawberry lollipop, Intense tropical fruit, Lactic, watermelon perfume and a literally never-ending finish.


Story: Diego Bermudez is the true farmer of innovation, whose approach is purely scientific. He was one of the firsts in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation processes, by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts. By now, Diego has developed more than 10 replicable protocols (recipes), so he can produce his profiles on demand.

Finca El Paraiso currently has one of the most innovative and technologically equipped facilities for the processing and bulk drying of specialty coffees, with a physical/sensory analysis laboratory, a microbiology laboratory where all the processes are carried out in search of differentiated profiles.

The scientific approach of Diego Bermudez has led him to experiment in the different processes, which has allowed him to produce coffee profiles on request according to the consumer's taste, likewise his purpose is to go hand in hand with environmental work as he recognizes that it is vitally important to make good use of the natural resources around you.

Farm:  El Paraiso

Region:  Cauca, Colombia

Altitude:  1920 Masl

Variety: Gesha

Want to do some Thermal Shock processing yourself?

Here is the guide on - How to 720h Thermal Shock Gesha at home.

  1. Harvest over ripe coffee cherries.
  2. The coffee cherries are taken to the processing plant for cleaning of impurities, then float and selection of optimum fruits.
  3. Disinfection of coffee cherries with ozone, to reduce the unwanted microbiological load.
  4. Anaerobic fermentation in cherry at temperatures of 15° and 20° psi for 720 hours, it is carried out in rotary fermentors for uniformity.
  5. Thermal shock to fix the fermentation compounds found in the coffee seeds washing water temperature 40°c for a short time, then the coffee is washed with cold water to seal the pores at 12°c.
  6. Own drying technology in an inert low-temperature atmosphere, with dehumidifier.

Sign up today to get your coffee roasted and shipped early next week!



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