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This coffee gave me goosebumps back in 2012

Don Rigoberto and the whole team at Café Granja La Esperanza have over the last decade produced some of the best coffees ever. Their Cerro Azul Gesha, Sudan Rume, Pacamara, Java and more have seduced baristas and coffee-connoisseurs with its unique and intense taste profiles.

From the mint notes in the Sudan Rume to the mature and crystal clear gesha tones in the Cerro Azul Gesha. To be able to share these types of coffees with our followers, subscribers and wholesale clients is what Standout Coffee is all about.

One coffee that is a little closer to my heart is the Cerro Azul. From the day I cupped it back in 2012, and I knew that this coffee would change my life. Half a year later, I won the Swedish Barista Championships with it, and that victory took me on a journey that I'm still traveling in.

Now 10 years later, Alexander and I are so grateful for the opportunity to work with the team at Café Granja La Esperanza to share the fresh crop of this coffee gem.

"We will have the Cerro Azul in stock for a while now, but to be sure to have the chance to try it out, pick up a box or two right away"

The Cerro Azul is a natural processed Gesha from Café Granja la Esperanza in the Cauca region in Trujillo Columbia. This fresh crop is harvested in late September 2021. It has a clear vibrant jasmine and coffee blossom aromatics, followed up by wild and rich tropical fruit notes of guava & peach and a passion fruit finish.

Cerro Azul is produced from trees of the rare Ethiopia-derived botanical variety Gesha. Gesha was planted on the Café Granja La Esperanza farms as part of a ten-year project to improve coffee quality and to introduce new botanical varietals to Colombia; Cerro Azul is one of those farms.
In Sweden, we have both the Swedish Brewers Cup champion Nicolas Castagno and also Swedish Barista Champion me myself Oskar Garberg used Cerro Azul Gesha in their winning routines.

-Oskar Garberg from Standout Coffee.