When I won the Swedish National Barista Championship back in 2013 I did it with a coffee that forever will be a favorite, the Cerro Azul from Café Granja La Esperanza in Colombia.

The aromatics, the complexity, intense acidity and range of flavors ticks every box of what an extraordinary competition coffee should be. Today we at Standout Coffee are honored to be able to share the fresh 2021 crop from this magnificent coffee with you.
"Floral explosion, peaches, honey, champagne finish"
This coffee is a natural processed gesha from the Cauca region in Trujillo Columbia, and it's harvested in early February this year 2021. Cerro Azul is produced from trees of the rare Ethiopia-derived botanical variety Gesha. Gesha was planted on the Granja La Esperanza farms as part of a ten-year project to improve coffee quality and to introduce new botanical varietals to Colombia; Cerro Azul is one of those farms. In Sweden we have both the Swedish Brewers Cup champion Nicolas Castagno and also already mention the Swedish Barista Champion used Cerro Azul in their winning routines.
We just got the coffee in at the roastery, and we just started taking in orders from clients and orders online.


Taste description:  Floral explosion, peaches, honey, champagne finish

Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams of green beans roasted on demand for maximum freshness.

Cerro Azul Gesha from Standout Coffee

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