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The double bloom ✌️

We often get questions on how we brew our coffee, do we have a go-to brewing recipe? The answer is that we are still learning and constantly look for new and exciting recipes for a preferred brewing method.

🤓 In my case (@oskargarberg), it is and has always been (going back as early as 2009 when I co-founded @dropcoffeeroasters) the V60 from Hario. Back then we had 10 filters lined up in the bar, and we brewed old school style, without scales and with a massive portion of passion. A lot has happened since then, both for me and for our friends at Drop.

🛫 I've transitioned from the 40/60 method in the last couple of weeks to the double bloom technique that I was shown by Lukas @nordkaffeeguy and I love the simplicity and consistency in the recipe.


Standout coffee hario brew

🩰 I start with the classic ratio of 15 grams of coffee to a total of 250 grams of water, with a preferred brewing of 3 minutes.

The reason it's called the double bloom is pretty obvious, you start with a 50 gram pour followed by another 50 gram pour, both with a 30-second pause. The remaining 150 grams of water is then poured with the goal of a total extraction around 3 minutes.

The Double Bloom | 15/250 ratio

1️⃣ 0:00-0:10 | 50 grams

2️⃣ 0:30-0:40 | 50 grams

3️⃣ 1:00-1:10 | 150 grams

Your brew should be done at around 3 minute mark. Adjust your grind size to hit the timings!

😎 If you want to go all fancy with the recipe, you can mix up the first two pours to go 40/60 or 60/40 followed by the 150 pour. Going back to the winning recipe of 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion Tetsu Kasuya he talked a lot about the impact of sweetness vs acidity when extending the first or second pour in his winning 40/60 recipe🏆

💁 What's your thoughts on the double bloom or the 40/60 method, give us your thoughts and input in the comments below 👇

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