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The next big thing?

The Typica variety is quickly becoming one of the more fascinating competition varietals on the barista scene, dominated by gesha for the last few years (and now recently the eugenioides). The variety originally from Ethiopia is like many other high-quality coffees a low yielding coffee that requires very specific conditions to farm.

The high scoring cup quality together with a stunning structure and complexity rewards the producers with a high price.

Check out our new freshly dropped Typica, now available online and in the Masterpiece Series box.


Here's some in depth information about our freshly dropped Typica from Costa Rica

Process/Variety: Anaerobic Typica

Taste description: Red florals, amazing structure, tangerine, honey, white tea and elegant finish

Always fresh: This item contains 100 grams divided into 2 x 50 grams of whole beans roasted for filter, packed and shipped on demand for maximum freshness.

Story: This is a natural anaerobic Typica from Jhon Alvarados main farm El Salitre, where also the mill Corazon de Jesus is located. Only 0,5 hectares is dedicated to this variety and the plants are 5 years old.

Jhon ”Jhonny” Alvarado comes from a family of coffee farmers. Many of his brothers farm as well, in the same region - Brunca. This fairly unknown region has seen an upswing of micro mills over the last 5-6 years. John Alvarado and his family started his mill Corazon de Jesus in 2015 on a very tight budget and with a very short time frame before the harvest cycle - and made it. They got help from friends and family, and they believe they got help from higher powers as well, hence the name. Besides the mill, they own four farms on different locations in Brunca. The main farm is El Salitre where coffee from all farms are sorted and de-pulped, and the wet parchment is taken to the mill for fermentation and drying. While John was off to a rough start, they now have a grand operation and produce over 800 bags between the four farms on a total farm area of 16 hectares.

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripó, Brunca
Altitude: 1850 masl
Micro-mill: Corazon de Jesus
Farm: El Salitre
Producer: Jhon Alvarado
Variety: Typica
Processing: Anaerobic Natural

After being collected, this coffee will spend one night in bags, creating an anaerobic fermentation at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. The next day, cherries are moved to hermetic tanks to start its controlled anaerobic fermentation processes. The coffee is kept in the tanks for 4 days.

On the 5th, cherries will be spread on the African beds. Coffee will be moved gently 2-3 times a day for the next 10 days until the bean dehydrates and becomes a raisin. On the eleventh day, coffee is collected from the African bed and moved to final drying in drying patios for 10-15 days.