Damn boii, this coffee just murdered my brain so badly lolls - Poww!! Bangg!! - Standout Coffee

Damn boii, this coffee just murdered my brain so badly lolls - Poww!! Bangg!!

Today I found this absolutely amazing post on Instagram made by one of our subscribers pour.withme. Sometimes I need to stop for a minute and reflect how many cups of Standout Coffee that get brewed every day all around the globe.

The enormous knowledge, technical level and passion that we find throughout social media from the hashtag #standoutcoffee and @standoutcoffee by coffee experts is just mind-blowing!
This post by  pour.withme clearly showcase that what the producers, farmers and  Alexander and I do at Standout Coffee is just the beginning. After the coffee is produced and roasted, our ambassadors and followers take it to another level and shares the cup and brewing techniques with people all around the globe.
Thank you so much  pour.withme for what you do for the coffee community! Here is your post again!
Photo by pour.withme on Instagram
Starting off the week with this award-winning natural process “Cerro Azul Natural Gesha” from @cafegranjalaesperanza roasted by @standoutcoffee is just insane.
This is actually the first coffee that featured in the subscription program from the roaster and guess what, it was just the coffee I wanted, what a coincidence!!
So here we are, the fifth coffee from the producer I am able to get my hands on, Pacamara, Sudan Rume, Sidra and finally Gesha! Without wasting your time, let's get into it💥
For aroma, subtle floral notes, think jasmine and vanilla blossom. When hot, I didn’t get much apart from some ripe cherries and considerably high sweetness. At this particular moment, I gotta admit I was a little bit disappointed, not because of the coffee itself but because of my brew.🥲 However, as the temperature dropped, Poww!! Bangg!! Blueberry, Guava, Passion fruit, Peach and something pretty herby and earthy which wasn’t commonly found. That something was pretty annoying cus I was quite sure I knew what it was, I experienced it before. After a while I finally figured it out, it was nutmeg!!! I got it when I drank Ninety Plus Ubo 2 months ago. Damn boii, this coffee just murdered my brain so badly lolls.
Last but not least, this is a truly beautiful beautiful coffee with high complexity, super clean and a nice body plus long sweet aftertaste. To be honest, this might be my new favourite Colombian gesha.💥💥
Dose: 16g
Ratio: 1:15
Blooming: 32 ml 35 sec.
Time: 2:52
Water quality: 80 ppm (RO Water+ Aquacode)
Temperature: 93 °C

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