Cerro Azul from Café Granja La Esperanza is back. It kind of feels like yesterday, but it’s over a year now since we released this the Natural processed Cerro Azul Gesha in our subscription the first time.

When the new crop hit the roastery, we knew that we had to put aside a certain amount to give this to our subscribers. We are thrilled that the Natural Cerro Azul gesha finally will again be roasted and shipped out to all corners of the world!

The complexity in flavors, tastes and balance illustrates the Standout Coffee philosophy perfectly in how a Competition Coffee should be experienced. When it comes to brewing this coffee and in general with all our competition coffees, we recommend that you rest a coffee for at least 1 to 4 weeks before you open your box. Please share your experience on Instagram, stories and social media.

From the first bag is opened until the last time you close the zip we suggest you to try it over a period of time, maybe 1 to 12 weeks after roasting.

Collector of wines and coffee

We have a great anecdote to share, our superb friend, Jesper @winecollector brews our coffee this way. He treats our subscription as a weekend treat, and makes one Hario V60 every Saturday morning. In this way, he gets the chance not only to experience the world's best coffee every week, but also what that coffee has to offer over a period of time, throughout the window when the coffee tastes absolutely best. This is a small way for him as a wine connoisseur and collector of wine to have the opportunity to try a coffee as it "ages" but within a shorter period of time compared to a bottle of wine in his wine cellar. Aging coffee like this from one week to three months really shows the full potential in the coffee.

If you do like Jesper and try the coffee every Saturday every week every month you really can dig into the coffee and see how it develops, going into a deeper complexity, the change of acidity and flavors, and hopefully, you can find your peak when the coffee tastes the best!

This month we will roast and ship the Natural Cerro Azul subscription on the 8th of August and will be shipped fully tracked across the world.

If you who haven’t signed up yet just hit the link here and as a little gift from us to you, we now give 50% on your first subscription month. Use the code below in the checkout or use the link.

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Enjoy and lots of love from the team of Standout coffee