WBC IN ATHENS - Standout Coffee


This week we are going to the World Barista Championship in Athens to cheer on the Swedish champion Lakis but also take part in the global coffee community.

Having said that, - we have HUGE news!

For the upcoming World Barista Championships in Athens, we will be brewing Jhonatan Gasca’s double fermented and washed pink bourbon TOGETHER WITH JHONATAN GASCA at the Slayer booth on Friday at 10-12, and we will be brewing Nestor Lasso’s thermal shock Aji B TOGETHER WITH NESTOR LASSO in the ACAIA booth on Saturday at 14.45-16.45. Huge thanks to Pierre at Cata Export for helping us make this happen!

If you are in Athens - this will be our event schedule:

@ Slayer Espresso Friday 10.00-12.00 - booth number: 3-H10

@ Comandante Saturday 10.30-11.00 - booth number: H2-H51

@ Acaia Saturday 14.45-16.45 - booth number: 3-J1

Come say hello and have a cup of Jhonatan Gasca, Nestor Lasso or even some Enigma from Jamison Savage’s new farm Iris Estate in Panama or a DF washed Sidra from Saint Gertrudis, Ecuador or a Thermal Shock washed Sake gesha from Diego Bermudez, Colombia 🤙🏼😁🥂