World of Coffee 2023 - Standout Coffee

World of Coffee 2023

A summary of this outstanding event in Athens

World of Coffee, this annual event that connects and brings out coffee people from all corners of the world, making us brew the world's best coffee under one huge roof, took place in Athens, Greece over the weekend.

We had the huge privilege of not only being able to participate during the event, but also to be able to get to work in some of the best booths at the fair. To be able to showcase the coffees we produce, on machines and brewers that we love, with friends, alongside companies that we look up to is just an incredible experience.
What made this year's fair bring out goosebumps, was the presence of farmers and producers that we work with every day at Standout Coffee.

To be able to share our lovely Pink Bourbon produced by Jhonatan Gasca, together with Jhonatan Gasca was a dream come true and was nothing I could have thought of when Alexander and I founded this company two years ago. 

The producers, Nestor Lasso, Jairo Lopez, two masterminds behind some of the most extraordinary and special coffees of 2023 stood alongside me brewing both the Aji B and Java with us.  To meet these people that we look up to and work with every day in person is so rewarding.

We want to give our deepest thanks and love to all the people who let us is brew coffee with them during the weekend. The list can be long, but here we go:

During our time at the Slayer booth, we met almost too many exciting people. The highlight of the weekend was when I brewed espresso by Jhonatan Gasca to Jhonatan Gasca, a memory I'll keep for the rest of my life!

Cata Export
Pierre and the team from Cata Export that organize, synchronize and make it possible for us to get in contact with producers like Jairo Lopez, Jhonatan Gasca and Nestor Lasso. We are so incredible happy and proud to part of this journey and hope that we can make a difference for the Colombian coffee community.

For hosting an outstanding booth where we as roasters had the chance to sit down and talk to producers. Building bridges, relationships and, in the end, makes it possible for us to share spectacular coffees. Thanks Coen and the team from Algrano!

What can I say, the booth was full every day and during our brew session together with the team from Acaia, Nestor Lasso and Jamison Savage, there was no exception, Aji B, Anthem and the mysterious Enigma never tasted as good as during this session.
Commandante Grinders
The team at Commandante, with Lucas in the frontline, had such an energetic, friendly and cool booth. I can't image how many hand grinders you guys sold, but it looked like most of the visitors walked around with a grinder in their hands.

Koffee Mameya
To meet the legend Miki in person was so inspiring, to hear about the work you put behind Koffee Mameya was a true highlight. A true inspiration to the day we start our own Standout Coffee Bar.

Probably forgetting people but a huge thanks to Ally CoffeeLa MarzoccoNinety PlusWeber Workshops, iKawa and TAF, you are all doing a wonderful work, and thanks for the hospitality and all the fun!

A HUGE special thanks to these bad boys for opening up their Dutch house to a lost Swede.
Balloon Coffee and the one and only Nina
Let's go to Copenhagen 2024!
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