Our coffee subscription turns 1 year, let's celebrate with an old friend - Standout Coffee

Our coffee subscription turns 1 year, let's celebrate with an old friend

I can't imagine that it's already a year since we launched our coffee subscription to the public. We had a few beta testers that had to take the hit of not really knowing what to expect when it comes to delivery, coffees or the "box" experience itself. Now we're shipping coffee to over 50 countries worldwide!

 A lot has changed over the year, but in one way it's all the same, 100% focus on sourcing, roasting and sharing the absolute best coffees that we can find. There are so many great coffees that we shared with our beloved coffee community over the last 12 months, and one coffee that really shined last year and was on top of many coffee lists last year was the Natural Gesha from one of our favorite farms out there, Finca El Obraje. To now be able to share with you the fresh crop of the same coffee that blew us all away last year means so much to us.

"This will be the fourth year we buy this coffee from Pablo and the team at El Obraje"

Pablo started planting the gesha variety at El Obraje exactly 10 years ago back in 2011 and as the farm is located at an unusually high altitude at 2200 meters it can be very challenging to farm coffee. But obviously, they have figured it out by now and after having roasted both the washed and the natural gesha from them, we are endlessly impressed by what they achieve year after year.

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